19-22 October 2020

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Empowering customer experience in the Middle East

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Customer Experience, Innovation, Leadership & Culture

About E3

The E3 digital conference will discuss how regional corporate and government institutions can transform their organisations with the customer agenda being a primary driving force.

  • • The conference will introduce new next practice ideas that are proven to be of high value but have not yet been mass adopted.
  • • We will be showcasing regional and international success stories.
  • • We will also be exploring how we can effectively learn from past mistakes and underperformance
  • • The conference discussions will be led by a carefully selected panel of experts with years of extensive knowledge and practice in Customer experience
  • The digital conference will explore new ideas, strategies and methods that will inspire Middle Eastern companies to advance and thrive as world-class pioneers in the rapidly evolving customer

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Sponsorship opportunities

The first of its kind forum in the Middle East which will feature over 30+ world class experts and thought leader who will be expanding on how businesses in the GCC and government organisations can take advantage of the rapidly evolving opportunities the customer agenda offers.

See top 6 benefits of sponsorship
  • 1. Generate new business through engaging with more than 300+ attendees to expand your network.
  • 2. Introduce new products and services to a targeted audience of industry professionals with significant purchasing power.
  • 3. Increase your international presence as you network with professionals from over 30+ countries.
  • 4. Gain a significant amount of digital and print brand exposure before, during, and after the event.
  • 5. Network directly with industry leaders and buyers via the event’s high-impact commercial opportunities that will strengthen your network within and beyond the region.
  • 6. Stay connected & top of mind as you share, gain and learn more about the current trends and insights into your target markets.

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Meet our professionals

  1. Picture of Charles Bennett

    Charles Bennett

    President, Customer Experience Service Association Middle East (CXSA)

    President of the Customer Experience and Service Association for the Middle East. Worked with companies such as Citibank, Nielsen and Microsoft to implement next practice customer experience strategies to compete and outperform competition.

    Picture of Ian Golding

    Ian Golding

    CEO and Founder, Customer Experience Consultancy, UK

    One of the most accomplished and experienced customer experienced trainers and advisors on customer experience change globally. Worked with more than 10,000 companies globally and across the GCC to help them define and implement customer strategies that work!

  2. Picture of Hussein Dajani

    Hussein Dajani

    General Manager - Customer Experience Transformation - Africa, Middle East, India, and Turkey - Nissan Motor Co

    Over the past few years, Hussein has worked with the likes of WPP and Publicis overseeing some of their largest regional clients (such as STC, Vodafone, Nokia, Visa and HSBC) and was fortunate enough to be recognized as a high potential leader by WPP being awarded the renowned WPP Young High Potential Leaders' Award from Sir Martin Sorrell himself, as well as receiving regional awards from the likes of Gulf Marketing Review, which identified him as one of the 40 top marketing professionals in the region, and being voted by the Huffington Post as among the 10 people changing the marcomm landscape in the MENA region. Since working on the agency side, Hussein has transitioned to client side and worked with some fantastic brands in senior leadership roles (as detailed below). Hussein's core expertise lies in the Digital Marketing and Tech space, evolving over the years from a pure player marketeer. Starting his career with some of the worlds' greatest communication companies, today Hussein is the GM for Digital and CX Transformation with Nissan Motor Co. for Africa, Middle East, India and Turkey overseeing some of the most dramatic customer transformations the company has had to go through in recent times.

    Picture of Dr Tahir Hussain

    Dr Tahir Hussain

    Chief of Strategy and Transformation C1, Ministry of Health, KSA

    Healthcare industry leader with successful, & diversified experience of growing businesses, product & services brands and teams, developing & managing large Ops, new ventures, JVs, M&As & PPP in healthcare, pharmaceutical, healthcare consumer markets. Have led and managed large scale strategy and transformation programs, commercial ops, complex product & services portfolios, triple-line P&Ls and cross-functional teams. 22 years' of progressive & successful career in healthcare, pharma & healthcare consumer sectors across MENAP markets in cross-functional leadership roles. Have received numerous accolades including many new successful regional & global launches and achieving company and brand market leadership. Expert in leading large healthcare operational transformations with massive cost optimizations. Adept in dealing with the highest public offices, building global alliances & partnership and advising private sector corporate, owners and leaders.

  3. Picture of Diane Magers

    Diane Magers

    CEO, Experience Catalysts & Chairman Emeritus, Customer Experience Professionals Asssociation, USA

    Recent CEO of the Customer Experience Professional Association of global CX experts. Built and implemented highly successful customer strategies and roadmaps for numerous tier 1 corporates including AT&T Entertainment Group and Sysco.

    Picture of Mansour Al Dalaan

    Mansour Al Dalaan

    CEO at CCC

    Mansour is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Contact Center Company. He comes with over 26 years of successful track record. His experience pans across various functions including Business Management, IT & Telecom and Customer Experience. Mansour has been associated with CCC since 2011. Prior to CCC, Mansour was associated with Saudi Telecom (STC) from 2001 till 2011 in varies leadership roles. Since 2011, Mansour has been a key contributor for the significant growth of CCC since its inception. Mansour has been successful in growing the companys revenue from a modest beginning to over $130+ Million.
    Prior to STC, Mansour had worked with various organizations including Royal Saudi Air Force, International system Engineering etc.
    A Post-graduate in Computer Information System from Florida institute of technology, Florida, USA, Mansour has multiple professional training from well known & reputed business institutes across topics like Digital transformation, Leadership, Finance, Innovation and Creative thinking etc.


08:50 - 09:00
Welcome & Introduction to the E3 online conference by the Conference Chairman
Jeremy Nicholas

Broadcaster and Host of The After Dinner Show

Charles Bennett

President & Founding Board Member, Customer Experience Service Association Middle East (CXSA)

09:00 - 09:20
Keynote: The Future of Customer Experience Profession

In the last 5 years Customer Experience has become centre stage as the strategy of choice for many companies. Studies have shown that the best have dominated and changed their industry, ripping up the profit first doctrines that has dominated 21st century capitalism.
Despite early promise, many companies have simply not attained anything like the expected results and in the eyes of many CX has foundered.

Is this true? Or have these companies made key mistakes?
This provocative keynote delivered by one of the most experienced practitioners and coaches in the industry places the industry under the microscope and examines what we are going to need to do differently to make CX V2.0 the roaring success it always promised.

Ian Golding

CEO and Founder, Customer Experience Consultancy, UK

09:20 - 10:00
Panel discussion: Co-creating a future where customer experience has a direct impact and accelerates organisation performance

We are likely to see more change in the next ten years than at any time since the industrial revolution. Is Customer Experience keeping up? Is it going in the right direction? What should we do differently? Hear from a group of experts discussing possible scenarios for customer experience and think through what this may mean for your business performance.

Ali Malik, Head of CX, Consultant, Brands and Retail Experience Enabler consultant, Static-A, Pakistan

Seham Elbehissy, General Manager Digital & Connected Cars, Renault, Middle East

Senior representative, SAP

Simon O Donnell, Global Retail Experience Specialist

Joe Tawfik, CX consultant, Kinetic CS, UAE

Moderated by:

Kym Hamer, Chief Customer & Strategy Officer / Founding Board Member, Customer Experience Service Association Middle East (CXSA)

10:00 - 10:20
Keynote: Customer Experience in digital Transformation Era
Mansour Al Dalan

CEO at Contact Center Company (CCC)

10:20 - 10:55
Practitioner case study

The automobile industry is under significantly increased pressure in 2020. Social energy initiatives are forcing companies to redesign everything and modern transport is going to change more in the next ten years than at any time since Henry Ford introduced the world to mass production.

The customer is going to be centre stage in the co-creation of the automotive company of tomorrow. Nissan in the UAE has been centre stage in designing implementing a customer centric strategy that is 180 degrees different form the car manufactures of yesteryear. Hear how 5 powerful strategies has redesigned the Nissan business model and observe the deployment of a customer centric business strategy in action.

Hussein Dajani

General Manager - Digital and CX Transformation, Nissan Middle East, Turkey, India and Africa

10:55 - 11:35
Panel session: Customer experience needs to be re-defined, otherwise it will become a secondary priority

Listen to a panel of practitioners and experts debate this very important question. Take the opportunity to ask questions, take a panellist to task or simply voice your opinion. This is a great opportunity to hear the arguments and gain valuable insight into a rapidly evolving profession.

Lina Yahya, Associate Director, Service Excellence at RAKBANK

David Hudson, Regional Director EMEA XM Solutions, Verint

AbdulAziz Al Shamsan, Director General CX, Ministry of Human Resources, KSA

Ahmed Maher Yousef, CX consultant, Businessway

Ehsan Bin Abdullah - Head of CX, Al Rajhi Takaful

Anas Orwani, CX Journey Manager, ELM

Moderated by:

Hassan Mohammad, Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer/Founding Board Member, CXSA Middle East

11:35 - 11:55
Keynote: Creating Standards for Customer Experience

How can you set your CX Initiative apart? Get acknowledged for the good work you are doing!
Organizations everywhere need to trust the trainings, tools, and methods applied while improving their customer centricity. The Customer Institute certifications of individual tools or complete programs help to create such trust and provide a solid foundation for every customer centricity initiative.
In this session you will learn:

  • How certifications work
  • How your tools, methods and programs can become certified
  • What are the benefits of certifications and how to best leverage them for your programmes, your company and your career
Stefan Osthaus

President, Customer Institute, Germany

11:55 - 12:25
Case Study: Lessons learned from 6 years in the C-Suite

1.) The role of CX as a transformational enabler: CX as an independent centre of excellence that can consult with the business to drive real, tangible change requires extraordinarily strong sponsorship and governance

Importance of CEO Sponsorship

  • What happens when the CEO leaves?
  • Board level alignment can ensure support across changes of management

Stakeholder alignment: Need to constantly ensure alignment of stakeholders. Things will drift, people will leave and the original drivers for CX will be forgotten.

Governance, Governance, Governance:Linking CX to Strategic Planning process, a focus on PMO tracking and regulatory mandates can ensure focus and motivation

2.) Where to start: In an organisation with low CX maturity, the CX vision will almost certainly exceed the skills base

  • Building skills takes time, but business leaders expect results
  • Where to focus first
  • Training & Certification implications

3.) Need to focus on Employee Experience

  • Serious morale issues will undermine the best CX Strategies

4.) Fix the basics vs holistic redesign of CX

  • Ensuring tactics align to longer term vision & Strategy

5.) Aligning Brand Values to Customer Experience

  • Brand Dissonance: Mind the Gap between what your organisation stands for and the real experience at the front line
Peter Halsor

Former Chief Customer Experience Officer, Riyadh Bank, KSA

Parallel Masterclass Sessions
13:10 - 14:40
CX Strategy

How to develop and deliver an amazing customer experience in an unpredictable world?

The fight to achieve a market-leading customer experience is increasingly feeling like a maelstrom and firms are struggling to keep up. The impact of the pandemic, competition, disruption, artificial intelligence, automation, big data, omni-channel, personalisation, behavioural science, privacy, ROI challenges.... these are only some of the issues that firms are wrestling with. In a punchy and colourful way, Adrian will explore some of challenges businesses face, what they can do to surmount them, how they should approach these challenges as they look to grow and what they should be focusing on to help them develop and deliver the market leading customer experience that they desire.
This interactive masterclass will brief attendees on the key issues, share a number of market leading case studies, provide an overview of the key challenges and success factors and help identify key areas where their businesses should invest if they are to improve their overall customer experience as well as striking the right balance between their digital CX solutions and the human touch. In addition, participants will learn how to develop a framework to create an experience strategy that is linked to business objectives as well as produce a road map for what they should do next.

Adrian Swinscoe

Customer Experience & Service - Board Advisor, Forbes Contributor, Keynote Speaker & Author

CX in Employee Engagement - Creating and Engaging Employees by Focusing on their Experience

Join us for thought provoking yet practical way to impact your organization by learning ways to create great experiences for your employees. We look to employees to deliver great experiences, yet we may miss the opportunity to create great experiences for them. We will discuss how to create and design their experiences which can drive positive change to how they deliver experiences to your customers and create internal business value. This session will:

  • Learn-by-Doing with a virtual collaboration, hands-ons exercises
  • Discuss how to craft a strategy to support the employee experience and engagement
  • Understand the core concepts, practices and impact needed to define and design this critical part of your experience management discipline
  • Learn some tools and techniques and discover creative ways to engage and enable employees
  • Learn how to define and communicate the financial value and impact of employee experience
Diane Magers

Chief Experience Officer at Experience Catalysts and Chairman Emeritus of Customer Experience Professionals Association

MASTER CLASS TITLE: Service Design innovation for future Government

Implementing Human Centered service design in government is more complex because it provides thousands of services to millions of various segments of the community. Therefore, this master class will provide a practical service design model and framework that fits the government sector.
The main key deliverables:

  • International trends & future foresight affecting governments around the world
  • Understand how to design & implement different government services typologies
  • Identifying the invisible elements of design: Public-Government relationship exchange, value, relationship fit, network & behavioral nudge
  • Learn the Government Relationship innovation design management Framework
  • Develop customer experience intelligence System for Service design
  • Create Service design innovative cultural change program for government organizations
  • Use Service design tools to increase adoption of digital government services
  • Implement Service design governance, hierarchy & identifying right capabilities & systems
  • Key requirements & process for Government service design lab and sprint
  • Self-evaluation of service design readiness & Exercises for Practical tool kits for service design
Dr. Muna AlDhabbah

CEO Mirradical Consultancy and Training & Ex-Director of Government Service Development, The Ministry of Cabinet Affairs UAE

Voice of Customer & Metrics: Is NPS still the most important CX measure? Learn which measure matter the most in which situation

The most successful businesses understand their customer experience. They understand what they want and need. Customers reward companies who do this the best by spending more, staying longer and telling others about their experience. This all starts with customer insight and very few companies are able to obtain the actionable insight they really need and their business performance reflects that.
This masterclass is designed for practitioners who are already conducting Voice of Customer programmes and looking for new ideas to create more value from the set of CX measures. Who wish to learn when and where to utilize them effectively :

  • Learn the key CX Measures
  • Understand the importance of various CX Mesures?
  • Is NPS still alive and kicking? Find out
  • The pros and cons of CX measure. When are they most effective?
Faran Niaz, SVP - 45 minutes

Founder and CEO of CX Future

Hany Mokhtar - 45 minutes

Customer Experience & Digital transformation world class expert & Head of CX at Mobily, KSA

Building Brand You

Accelerate results by unlocking your greatest asset - you.
Are you tired of watching others get the jobs, clients and opportunities that you want?
Do you want to have a thriving career where your reputation and results grow year after year?
Do you want to become a magnet for opportunity and advancement? Building Brand You will help you do just that.
You will:

  • Go from being invisible to irresistible to peers, clients, supporters and stakeholders
  • Move from being influenced to becoming an influencer
  • Win the business and find the opportunities that are currently going to your peers and competitors
  • Become laser-focused on your ideal target audience - the ones that will open up opportunities for you
  • Define and articulate what you do in order to create clarity, influence and credibility with your audience
  • Develop a plan of action that you can implement immediately.

In this proprietary visibility & personal branding session - led by International Business Coach and CXSA Middle Easts Chief Strategy & Customer Officer Kym Hamer, you will learn how to:

  • Become laser-focused on your ideal target audience, the ones that will open up opportunities for you.
  • Define and articulate what you do in order to create clarity, influence and credibility with your audience.
  • Develop a plan of action that you can implement immediately.

This session will help you to:

  • Create the framework to develop your own personal roadmap based on your goals & aspirations
  • Equip you with tools, skills & ways of working to achieve results
  • Build your mindset 'muscles', so you develop the resilience and courage to step forward & make change, now and in the future
Kym Hamer

Chief Customer & Strategy Officer, CXSA Middle East

15:10 - 16:40
Collaboration for success; Service Design and Facilitating Innovation

Service design is not just for 'services'; its a collaboration approach which makes us more usefully innovative, whatever business we are in. The road to success is built on offering our customers and partners what they need, in a way that works for us all. But how do we get there? In this talk we will look at, and experience, the often surprising behaviours that make an organisation genuinely and effective innovative. The talk includes some basic principles of successful innovation and how they shape service design methods several case studies, and interactive activities which will let us experience, not just feel, how innovation works. We will look at how organisations are evolving to deal with a fast-changing future, and how leaders and facilitators can support the change.

Adam St. John Lawrence

Author - This is Service Design Doing, adjunct professor, co-founder Global Jams, co-founder workplayexperience, co-founder co-creation school.

Collaboration for success; Service Design and Facilitating Innovation
15:10 - 16:40
Myths of CX

Counterintuitive Myths of Customer Experience
Customer Experience covers quite a lot of ground and there are a wide variety of views about what works and what does not. Consensus is building but some common truths are myths. These myths and misconceptions get in the way of CX progression and transformation if left unchecked and unchallenged. They often lead people to believe that CX is at best a happy clappy philosophy that can only work after the business has tackled the real issues of running a business. It is also common for CX roles to be created based on these myths and that often leads to a crisis for CX leaders. This master class will address some common myths of CX transformation and provide a provocative course corrected perspective. Some myths we will address:

  • The myth of the power of the CX business case
  • The myth of top-down CX transformation
  • The myth of marketing and customer insight alliance with CX
  • The myth of strategic priority
Qaalfa Dibeehi

Dean of the Customer Experience Leadership Institute (School of great moments) Majid al Futtaim

CX in Banks and Finance

Building a loveable bank - Do it consciously!

The story of how Budapest Bank - as a legacy company - wants to become the most customer centric culture in Hungary.

  • Strategy: How to convince the CEO on strategic focus
  • VOC: Define the top 10 customer needs with highest impact on customer satisfaction
  • Measurement: Who are the `love branders` and how did we prove they are worth 50% more than the non-satisfied customers?
  • Customer Journey management: Managing our key customer journeys to deliver the highest outcome?
  • Governance: How did we make process the customer impact is as important as the business impact?
  • Culture: How did we build a CX culture with 3000 employees to know about our vision and the main pillars of our CX program,?
Laura Tengerdi

Head of Customer Experience & Communications, Budapest Bank Zrt. Hungary

Andrea Hanyecz CCXP,

CX Senior Manager in Budapest Bank Zrt, Hungary

Akos Tolnai, CCXP

CEO and Founder AbilityMatrix, Inc.

(This session can not be recorded)

CX in Healthcare

Session 1 - 30 minutes
Patient Experience beyond 2020

Dr. Tahir Hussain

Chief of Strategy and Transformation C1, Ministry of Health, KSA

Session 2:- 60 minutes
Insights into Action

Ruth Evans MBE

Managing Director, Patient Experience Network, UK

Louise Blunt

Head of Operations, Patient Experience Network, UK

Tourism and Leisure

"Building a Better Business: Service Blueprinting and Its Benefits in Hospitality and Beyond"?

Customer journey maps are tools broadly recommended to help CX practitioners understand the actions and efforts of customers as they experience a product or service. However, such maps often omit the business processes that bring the customer journey to life. Service blueprints effectively help CX leaders understand those underlying processes, which further helps them find ways to improve both revenue and profitability. By attending this session, participants will be able to:

  • Build customer journey maps and extend them into detailed service blueprints
  • Exhibit best-practice techniques for designing effective blueprints
  • Navigate the simple process for improving customer journeys and business processes using blueprints as guides
Alec Dalton - 45 mins

Senior Manager of Global Quality at Marriot International

Government Roundtable

Exclusive Roundtable for Government Sector

Run by CCC - Contact Center Company

Mansour Al Dalan

CEO at Contact Center Company (CCC)

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